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Bobbi Aneca


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Bobbi was born and raised on the East Coast, in Nova Scotia. She made her way to Ontario in 2016 when she began her career in the social work and recreation field. Since then, Bobbi has had much interest in the programming side of athletics and had the opportunity to assist with coaching the track team at the school where she was working.

Her interest in CrossFit stemmed from the need to maintain a high level of overall functional fitness in the firefighting industry, a career in which she was highly interested and pursuing at the time. The year 2020 was her first introduction to the sport. It was love at first sight and she has been eager to develop her relationship with the community ever since. Bobbi completed her L1 in early 2023 and is thrilled to begin her Crossfit coaching career right here in her second home, Rx Gym Inc.


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